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Ginkgo Health Group
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Ginkgo Health Group

Here at Ginkgo Health, we are passionate about serving and supporting you, the practitioner. Like you, we are firm believers in the wisdom and health benefits of Chinese herbal medicine for your patient’s wellbeing. We also understand learning and mastering the art and science of diagnosing and prescribing herbal formulas take years of clinical practice, studies of classical medical texts and mentorship. In the journey to deepen the understanding and mastering the art of herbal prescription many frustrations and confusion arise. We get that! In support of your thirst for knowledge and desire to enhance treatment efficacy we have created a powerful solution called Ginkgo AI to help you prescribe herbs like a master!

With the assistance of artificial intelligence technology Ginkgo AI came into being to help support you, the practitioner, to prescribe individualized herbal formulas with increased accuracy and competence. The living library of custom curated Chinese Medicine knowledge and data allows you, the practitioner, to tap into the minds of herbal masters with over 50 years of clinical experience. AI extracts and organizes the clinical essence and experience from many herbal masters into a user-friendly digitized platform to help serve and guide you in your clinical practice so that you may offer optimal care with confidence and competence. 

Integration of the wisdom of mother nature, ancient medical knowledge and advanced AI technology makes Ginkgo AI a unique tool to empower you and your practice.

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Charlie Chen, PhD


Charlie Chen is the founder and CEO of Ginkgo Health LLC. Before Ginkgo Health, Charlie was the Vice President of Huawei Technologies a Global Fortune 500 company and the president of Huawei Corporate Branding & Communication Department. He has served several leadership positions in Huawei in the areas of R&D, Sales, and Marketing since 1998. He also founded two other companies in investments and healthcare industry. 
Charlie earned his doctorate degree in electric engineering from the South China University of Technology focusing on Artificial Intelligence algorithm research. He has also published thirteen technical papers and has twenty three patents.


Zhengang Guo

Chief Scientist

The master herbalist and acupuncturist with 50+ years of practice in both OM and Western Medicine. Founded the largest OM center in the U.S. Pioneer of OM and herbal medicine training in the U.S. The creator of Dr. Guo Formula. Studied OM from his father Xiangli Guo. Graduated from Lanzhou Western Medicine School, worked in MD Anderson Cancer Center and pharmacy school of Illinois University.

Frank Yurasek, PhD, MSc, MA, Lac

Dr. Yurasek received his MSOM, followed by a PhD in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine in 2002. In 2009 Francis joined National University of Health Sciences as Clinician and Assistant Professor in Oriental Medicine, and was appointed as Chair of the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Program in 2011. During that time, Dr. Yurasek initiated the “About Ease” Veterans Acupuncture Clinic. In 2015 Francis was appointed Director of Acupuncture at Cook County Health & Hospitals System, where he continued to participate in acupuncture studies with Wake Forest University Medical School on Xerostomia. In 2018 he received training in Gansu Provincial Hospital in Acupuncture-Assisted Anesthesia which he was able to incorporate into the Perioperative Acupuncture Model for Pre-Operative, Intra Operative and Post- Operative Acupuncture. Other Studies being pursued include Emergency Department Acupuncture and Cognitive Dysfunction following surgery.  


Amy Cui, MD, PhD
VP of R&D

Founder of Ginkgo Healing Chinese Medicine Center. Rich experience in studying and applying the mechanism of plants and various micro- and macromolecular medicines.  Worked in the Touchstone Center for Diabetes Research at the Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, focusing on pathogenesis of type-2 diabetes.  Earned her MD degree from Tongji Medical University in China and earned  Ph.D. in Biological Medicine from the South China University of Technology.

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