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Gingko AI's Story

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The intention to build this system was born from a deep concern and desire to help practitioners become more competent and confident in diagnosing and prescribing effective herbal formulas.  A team of seasoned Chinese herbal masters and Artificial Intelligence scientists came together and designed the Ginkgo AI system FOR practitioners to thrive in the practice of ancient Chinese Medicine in today's modern world.

Ginkgo AI is a comprehensive cloud-based practice management software with a unique and powerful herbal prescribing tool that acts as a supporting virtual guide for practitioners. 


The clinically proven classical herbal formulas modified by master herbalists to adapt to the modern lifestyle and diet of patients in the West IS the differentiating factor that makes Ginkgo AI a game changer for practitioners.


Ginkgo AI is powered by Artificial Intelligence technology that organizes a living library of over 100,000 real clinical patient treatment cases, effective modified herbals formulas and classical herbal formulas from ancient medical texts like the Shang Han Lun and Jin Gui Yao Lue.  Practitioners are able to search herbal formulas by symptoms and customize herbal formulas.  Empowering YOU, the practitioner, to prescribe herbal formulas with more confidence and ease is our mission!  



What Ginkgo AI provides

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Assist with accurate diagnosis, providing safe and efficient care for your patients. Ginkgo AI helps you prescribe herbs with competence and confidence!

Order online from our system 500+ proven herbal formulas and get them delivered directly from our herbal distribution center to your clinic or patient. 

Receive free training on navigating Ginkgo AI as well as on prescribing herbs for common diseases.

Consult the Ginkgo medicine support team for formula usage and treatment plans.  This is free of cost to Ginkgo AI users. 

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