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1. How does Ginkgo AI work?​

Ginkgo AI is the expert system built upon decades of experience of our R&D team. We have extracted from over 100K clinical records to build an interactive system where you can see the recommended formulas for any specific symptoms. Click here(hyperlink to the Ginkgo AI page) to learn more about how Ginkgo AI works.
2. What education or training is needed to use Ginkgo AI?
There is no minimum requirement as for a clinician’s educational background. You can start using it as soon as you understand how to navigate the system. We also offer free systematic training to further your skills in TCM.
3. Where can I buy the formulas suggested by Ginkgo AI?
You can easily place an order with us through Ginkgo AI:

    a) A pre-order 

You can reach out directly to our representatives either via email or phone, and then fill out an order form to have your products delivered to you. 

    b) A order for specific patients

You can find a “Mail” button, in the Ginkgo AI system. By simply clicking on this button, we will receive your order for a specific patient and the products will be shipped directly to your patient while you can run your clinic with zero inventory. 


4. What happens if my patient does not react well to the herbs or even get worse?

Please instruct the patient to stop using immediately and reach out to our medical support team at 773-299-4326. If your patient does not get better in 2 weeks, please also reach out to us for suggestions and guidance.  

5. Where are your products sourced and manufactured?
To provide you with the best quality herbs,  we have formed strategic partnerships with the most respected herbal manufacturers in the U.S., Taiwan, Hong Kong, and mainland China.

6. What is the return policy for herbal products?
You can return all herbal products within 90 days of your purchase, in its original sealed package and good condition. Please ship the products on your own cost, and once we receive your return package, we will process the refund in 1-3 business days.
7. How long will it take for herbs to ship?
Here’s what will happen with a successful order:

a. You will receive an order confirmation email within minutes.

b. We will pack and ship your order within 3 business days and email you the tracking information.

c. Shipments come to you from our Chicago warehouse, normally you will receive your order in another one to three business days.

8. Are there any restricted ingredients in the products?

No. Ginkgo Health Group acts upon the FDA’s restrictions on dietary supplements, and we do not use any herbs restricted or forbidden by the FDA.

9. Can I upgrade my plan in the future?
Yes, it is our hope that your clinic can grow and thrive! You can upgrade your plan any time, taking effect immediately, and the plan fee will be decided on the exact days you are on each plan.
10. Why are the products I order not in the same brand?
No. In order to provide you with the most efficient herbal product, we cherry pick our suppliers to find the best products. It is normal that you will receive a product with our partner’s brand name on it.
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